Moin wakeboarders, I am Tina, the founder of Moin Wake Camp. I am a wakeboarder riding for Hyperlite international, G-Shock Europe, Billabong Europe and Sandboxland Germany and your main coach in Moin Wake Camps. Wakeboarding became a part of my life a couple years ago when it was just a hobby and the past few years it changed my life completely. I quit my normal job in Germany and started to travel for wakeboarding to find myself. I began to coach other people and realised that this is something that makes them so happy that it gives me a smile every day. One day I sat down and thought of how I improved the best in wakeboarding. It’s not about the crazy tricks or the hard ones, its about all kinds of improvements. The more people I coached the more I knew that coaching is not only about seeing every little body movements and being good in describing what to do. Its about empathy! I don’t try to just read the body language, I try to think what my students think in the moment when they don’t know what is going on. And hell yeah it works :) My systematical method of teaching gives every trick a certain order which secures the students a better understanding.

Tina Frömling